July 05 2014

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Reel Talk Ep33 clip - Enter The Void

Hello, we are Reel Talk! A lighthearted film discussion podcast from London.

In this clip from Episode 33, we discuss Gaspar Noé’s 2009 trippy-ass adventure Enter The Void. Zhana get’s a bit mad…

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May 29 2014

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May 25 2014

Podcast review of Godzilla!





May 22 2014

Why doesn’t there exist Harry Potter turn-based RPG where you fight in a party?

Like why? Seriously, why?

May 20 2014


I think the saddest thing about Game of Thrones is that none of the characters have ever had lasagna and they never will

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A video I made a year ago about why the Walking Dead Game trounces all else! 

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May 19 2014

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This week, we review Frank, with Michael Fassbender!


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